What We Do

BIG's role is to implement the Ballybeen Development Plan. The Plan presents details of the actions needed to take forward the key projects and identifies the stakeholders who will be involved in implementing the Plan. Central to the successful implementation will be the Ballybeen Improvement Group and dedicated support officers driving the plan forward and working in collaboration with other groups, stakeholders, service providers and the wider community to ‘make the plan happen’. The Ballybeen Improvement Group will:

  • Provide MLAs and elected representatives with copies of the Plan and seek their support;
  • Identify individuals across all stakeholders who will be BIG's key contact for each action point;
  • Develop an Implementation Plan to monitor and review progress;
  • Support and encourage joined up partnership working to progress the plan;
  • Provide a welcoming environment which encourages all stakeholders to get involved;
  • Review progress in taking forward the Action Plan bi-monthly;
  • Communicate the progress of the Plan with the wider community;and
  • Organise an annual review of the Action Plan with key stakeholders.

The Plan includes actions to involve local people in shaping and delivering projects and activities and to increase awareness and visibility of the Ballybeen Improvement Group and its work. These will be important steps in maintaining and building the momentum and support needed to achieve the Plan’s vision and help make Ballybeen a better place. The importance of the sustainability of BIG and dedicated officers to drive and co-ordinate the implementation of the plan cannot be understated.

Please click on the link to view the full development plan.