Who We Are

BIG is a strategic body, lobbying group, builder of relationships and consultation forum in Ballybeen.

BIG is an active amalgam of statutory, voluntary, community and church organisations from the locality and has been active since 2002.

BIG’s membership includes representatives from: Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, PSNI, Brooklands Primary School, Dundonald High School, Brooklands Youth Centre, NIHE, Health Trust, Dundonald Methodist Church, Christ Church, St Mary’s Church, Ballybeen Women’s Centre, Ballybeen Action Group Initiative Trust, Ballybeen Men’s Health and Motivation Group, Dungoyne FC, Dundonald FC and Salvation Army. Its Board of Directors is currently drawn from local churches, Ballybeen Women’s Centre, BAGIT, BMMG, Dundonald FC and Dungoyne FC.


John Howcroft Community Development Worker
Tel: 028 9048 9990
Email: ballybeenimprovementgroup@gmail.com / info@ballybeenimprovementgroup.org



Tanya Hughes

Mrs Tanya Hughes
Director of Ballybeen Womens Centre and Director of BIG

Richard McIlhatton

Rev Richard McIlhatton 
Minister at Christ Church Dundonald, Director of BIG


Neil Shields
Dundonald Football Club, Director of BIG

Rev Stephen Sheerin
Minister of Dundonald Methodist Church, Director of BIG

Davy Livingstone
Secretary Dungoyne Football Club, Chairperson of BIG

JIm Cheshire

Minister @ St Marys Church- Director of BIG

Craig Mullan

Member of Ballybeen Action Group Initiative Trust- Director of BIG

Carole Tucker

Cpt @ Salvation Army, Director of BIG

Committee Members



Gina Biggerstaff

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council

Mr Davy Livingstone

Dungoyne Football Club

Mr Alan Boucher

Brooklands Primary School

Mr Craig Mullan

Ballybeen Action Group Initiative Trust

Mrs Hazel Legge/Mr Ken Perry

Dundonald High School

Mr Robbie Rea

Education Authority Brooklands Youth Centre

Mrs Tanya Hughes

Ballybeen Womens Centre

Mr Andy Tyrie

Ballybeen Mens Motivational Group

Mrs Carole Tucker/ Mr Gordon Tucker

Salvation Army

Mr Laurence Ferguson

Health Trust

Mrs Pameal Johnston 

Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Mr Neil Shields

Dundonald Football Club

Mr Michael Gibson/Mr Alan McTier

Police Service of Northern Ireland

 Mrs Sally thompson                                                                                                                     Ballyoran Community Arts Group